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We Offer Lessons 7 Days a Week

Closed on major holidays

We approach practicing in a different way than most music schools and instructors. Instead of practicing for a set amount of time each day we use repetition. An assignment will be given weekly to practice a certain number of days and a specific number of times each day. For example: Play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” 3xs a week, 3xs each day. This works very well for young kids that don’t quite understand the concept of time. If you tell them to practice for 20 minutes they don’t fully understand how long that is. If you tell them to practice 3 songs 3 times each then they can be in control of that. They tend to focus better as well since they know exactly what to do. We also have a practice game where students can win prizes weekly if they do their practice. This gives a bit of incentive to help the students practice more and in turn progress in their instrument at a more rapid rate.