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About Us

Foothills Music Academy

Foothills Music Academy is an extraordinary place for people of all ages to enhance their musical abilities. We pride ourselves in the strength of our teachers, as well as the success of our students.

Since 2011, we have taught over eight-hundred students in our programs.

Our instructors actively promote a relaxed creative space for all of our students in classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass and contemporary styles.

Not only do our students learn about the beauty of music, but they experience the camaraderie of the collaborative arts in a diverse environment, as well as the transformative nature of music.

Our students learn the benefits of a musical education and, by working hard to achieve their dreams, they reap the rewards.

We invite all sorts of musicians to hone their instrumental abilities with us, from the novice to the virtuoso.

We teach a wide variety of instruments, including legendary rock instruments like electric guitar, piano, drums, and electric bass, as well as classical instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, flute, clarinet, cello, violin, and others.

In addition to teaching instruments we also instruct students with voice and vocal training and coaching. Plus, we have instructors for niche arenas, like banjo and mandolin for those interested in bluegrass, or acoustic guitar and percussion for jazz and folk enthusiasts.

Above all else, we believe music is a universal language that can erase all cultural divides and bridge all barriers. This is what makes music so important.

We extend this powerful bridge to our community by helping kids and adults of all ages find and hone their own passion for music.

All of our instructors not only bring motivation into the lessons—they also help students stay focused and motivated, and this is a key component of the best musical instructors in the industry.

While the benefits of a musical education have been extensively researched and reported, there are also the many benefits of life-long enrichment.

We believe that music has the power to change your life! Come and find out for yourself.