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Prithvi P.

Prithvi P. | Subjects & Instruments Taught:
Piano, Voice, Ukulele and Music Theory

Prithvi Prakash is a versatile musician and music enthusiast with a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Berklee College of Music. As a vocalist, pianist, songwriter, and music producer, she has honed her skills across multiple genres, including pop, jazz, R&B, western classical, and Indian classical music.

Prithvi’s journey in music has been both educational and creative. She spent years refining her voice and keyboard skills, allowing her to craft her own unique sound. Over the past three years, she ventured into the world of music production, primarily focusing on indie pop and electronic genres.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Prithvi has dedicated herself to teaching music for the past four years. She finds great joy in sharing her knowledge and nurturing musical talent in others. Her belief is that music is a universal language that brings people together. With her passion for music and teaching abilities, Prithvi is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn more about music.