Juan Argüello

Juan Argüello | Instruments Taught:
Bass, Upright Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums and Piano

Juan Argüello is an Ecuadorian multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. He started playing music during his high school years, playing with multiple bands in his home city, Quito, Ecuador.

Juan graduated with an Associates Degree in bass performance from Los Angeles College of Music as well as earning a Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Music Performance from Musicians Institute. He’s been part of numerous bands and sessions as a bass player and he also has a vast experience as a music educator.

Juan has been an instructor since 2014 when he started teaching privately in his home studio. Juan has worked as a teacher’s assistant at the Musicians’ Institute and is currently part of the Los Angeles College of Music faculty where he has taught multiple genres, from gospel and funk to jazz.

“For me, learning and teaching music is not only about the theory or the technique but about finding what makes people happy about music. Finding that element that speaks to you and makes your day a little brighter.”