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Private Lessons: Musical instruction is not one-size-fits-all. Each student is unique, so too are each student's goals. Because of this, we have found that private lessons are the most expedient and focused way to progress on your instrument. One-on-one instruction allows students to develop at their own individual pace. Whether you're a beginner who is picking up an instrument for the first time, or an experienced musician wanting to take your playing to the next level, we will work with you to accommodate your needs and goals. We provide the understanding and skills required for each student to enjoy and appreciate music for a lifetime.


Semi – Private Lessons: FMA does offer semi-private instruction for hand-held instruments and voice for siblings or friends that would like to work together to progress in their instrument. These lessons are for 2 or more students learning the same instrument and playing at the same level.


Band Focused Group Lessons: Being in a band is an exciting and adventurous endeavor. We have specialized instructors who can work with your band to assist in everything from your sound and playing ability to the composition of songs and further to your performance ability. If you have a group that you would like assistance with, we can help.

Group Lessons: Coming Soon


FMA is dedicated to providing positive professional instruction in a nurturing and invigorating environment. Our highly trained instructors are motivated and motivating, responsible, creative and knowledgeable. Start your personal adventure in music today at Foothills Music Academy.